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Architecture Team: Constanza Quioza, Juan Pablo Puigrredón.

Sociology Team: Carla Morgado.

Design Team: Javiera Gomez.

Winning Students - First installment Urban Study: Monserrat Guerrero, María José Laclaustra, Francisca Muñoz, Antonio Del Guayo
Location: Las Lomas Sector, Lo Barnechea, Stgo. Chile.
Project year : 2013
Category: Urban Study - Masterplan for sports, community, landscaping and recreation equipment.
Participations: Secpla Lo Barnechea, Department of Housing Lo Barnechea, Facultad Arquitectura UDD, StartUp Chile / Corfo
Methodology: Inter-workshop academic competition / RADAR - UDD

Project Memory

The Urban-Study project "North Coast Highway Mitigation Works" is a pedagogical methodology of academic-social connection proposed by RADAR, to the Municipality of Lo Barnechea and to the Faculty of Architecture and Art of the University of Development.


The methodology linked students of the 4th Year Workshop (Lozano-Oñate-Salinas Urban Planning Workshop), with the Secpla (Secretary of Community Planning) and the Housing Department of the Municipality of Lo Barnechea; with the aim of seeking new solutions around urban mitigations to be carried out after the expansion project of the Costanera Norte Highway, up to Padre Alfredo Arteaga Avenue. This new route of the motorway would affect sectors where sports, commercial, social organization, recreational and residential activities are currently carried out (sector in which people live in "taking" situations, or informal housing).


Faced with this intervention and the need on the part of the municipality to relocate the affected spaces and infrastructures, RADAR develops an investigative and purposeful Masterplans contest, which will involve new creative forms for the urban treatment of these problems, and then be handed over to the municipality and its technical organizations for its future execution. The analysis would involve topics such as: urban mobility between the residential settlements of Las Lomas 1, Las Lomas 2 and La Ermita; access to meeting points and public transport; relocation of existing and planned community, religious and sports facilities; the treatment of public space and green areas; pedestrian safety; and even a vision of the community and society in relation to the development of future sectionals for projects in the municipality's portfolio.

In this way, the project process began in early 2013, managing field trips with students, their teachers, municipal officials from social areas and planning; visiting the affected sectors; also making corrections and feedback feedback during academic days; and advising on technical and legal aspects to consider according to the typology of the project. This process culminated in its first design stage with the Semiannual Final Delivery of the architecture workshop, with an evaluating commission invited by RADAR, which was attended by the Urban Advisor of the Secpla Lo Barnechea -Paulina Castillo-, the Head of the Division of Architecture of the Ministry of Public Works -Ernesto Urdangarin-, and the Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Art UDD -Pablo Allard-.

Winning Project and future development:

The masterplan project "Dialogue between Riveras" by students Monserrat Guerrero, María José Laclaustra, Francisca Muñoz, and Antonio Del Guayo, was the winner. The choice was made considering the group's urban architecture proposal, and the investigative analysis around the social themes of the commission (the latter was evaluated through a written report that validated the architectural strategies, seeking to reaffirm the citizen and situational vision of the commission , academically guided by RADAR's Social Directorate, Carla Morgado).


Subsequently, the project was presented to the municipality of Lo Barnechea, promoting continuity of work and deepening in urban issues related to the project, a link that remains in force.

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