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Architecture Team: Constanza Quioza, Juan Pablo Puigrredón, Vicente Tudela.

Location : Madrid, Spain .

Project Year: 2013.

Program: Public Space .

Materiality: Corten steel, concrete and water.

Project Memory

Project presented for the Piensa Sol International Ideas Competition , convened by the Madrid College of Architects. The contest consisted of projecting a renovated space consistent with the history of Plaza Sol, located in the center of the city of Madrid, Spain.

The commission was dealt with synthetically, as a result of the organization and relationship between different elements scattered in the public space. For this, existing landmarks were reused (access to the Metro, kiosk-type shops, etc.), hiding them under steps that are exposed towards the center of the square, having a view and multiple uses of it. This gesture sought to re-establish the "mentideros" (places of conversation) that were so recurrent at the time of the colony, restoring the neighborhood and citizen character to the plaza.

At the same time, in the center of the plaza, commonly remembered as the founding landmark -like the drop that falls and expands- a water fountain was projected at the level of the pavement, with designs and inscriptions alluding to the foundation of the city and its relationship with the other Spanish provinces.

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