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Today RADAR is an architecture and art laboratory.

We appeal to risk, experimentation, definable and ingenious.

Be coherent and pleasant with the context,

both materially and socially.

Respect the workforce and people who work on the project,

valuing and making its virtues available to the work,

so the project lines take on their own nuances

according to the people who intervene in them.


Constanza Quioza Rodríguez | Partner Architect

Juan Pablo Puigrredón Pérez de Arce | Partner Architect


Cristóbal Ruiz Tagle Baeza | Francisca San Martín Turner

| Karen Renner | David Moya | Christopher Vergara | Matías Möller

| Fernanda Rapacciolli |

Constanza Cifuentes | Monica Rodríguez | Carla Morgado | Javiera Gomez

Francisca Santamaría

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2011.- Jump UC Fund
2011.- UDD Entrepreneurship Fair Fund - Sercotec
2011.- Feuc UC Fund
2011.- DAE UDD Fund
2012.- SociaLab Program
2013.- StartUp Chile Program

2013.- CICOP honorable mention

2013.- Injuv “Ambassador” Treaty of youth Korea Chile.
2014.- 1st place Nanometrics (Celunano)
2015.- Winner of Young Talent Award for Mustakis Añien
2015.- Winner of the Inherent Mustakis Young Talent Award

2017 .- FIVC selected for connectome project

2019.- Third Place DNADD

2020.- Selection in Seminar: "Initiation to the architecture" 

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The idea gene is born from the observation of two unrelated realities:

ONE.- In most of the architecture and public infrastructure projects to be carried out, participatory design is lacking; weakening their social sustainability, and I get the endurance of these projects.

From the users (citizens) there is the impetus for participation, but not the channels to make it effective and useful for the development of the project; and from the public authority, even when there is the will to implement participation, they lack the time and quantity of personnel to carry it out.

TWO.- In contrast, a large part of the projects developed in the architecture and construction schools are conceived only as an academic evaluation, just wasting the time investment and I get the opportunity to value them as possible solutions for a possible real user / need.

There is demand, there is supply, there is no link.

THE IDEA.- Promote - within the same instances of university learning - a change in learning methodologies. Link social entities, communities and citizen groups with verifiable architectural needs (registered from the municipalities and their respective SECPLA). Identify your problems and propose solutions, integrating participatory design, constructive knowledge, budget analysis and works management; thus promoting the construction of said solution.

This is how RADAR © was born, a project of dialogue, integration, and association between: schools of architecture, municipalities, different social groups and private entities to contribute to the construction of the city, education, and development.







General objective:

  • To realize urban-social projects that arise from the interaction between architecture students and the community demands of various territorial groups.

  • Contribute to the teaching of Architecture and Art in Chile, and I manage to deepen the vision of society around these disciplines.

Specific objectives:


  • Position the interests of social groups and architecture workshops on a common platform.

  • Generate participatory processes from design to execution of architectural projects.

  • Propose together with the 4 actors (communities, architecture students, municipalities and the private sector) comprehensive infrastructure solutions from the architectural and social field

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