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Team: Constanza Quioza, Juan Pablo Puigredón, Board of Neighbors Parque Juan XXIII, Friends Association of Parque Juan XXIII.

Project Year: 2016

Setting : Public Responsibility Course, Faculty of Architecture and Art, Universidad del Desarrollo.

Place of intervention:   Juan XXIII Park, Ñuñoa, Stgo.

Project Memory

Academic-social methodology, which seeks to introduce to the practice and management of architecture in complex urban situations, students of the Public Responsibility course (2nd year of undergraduate, Architecture degree). With this objective the neighborhood instance called "neighborhood school" is created, which introduces in a practical and pedagogical way the concept of citizen participation, the development of collaborative projects, and at the same time provides tools so that this type of activity can be replicated by anyone (communities, neighborhood organizations, students, etc. in future instances).

Specifically around the Juan XXIII Park, the sessions aimed to inform and make known to the residents about their neighborhood, the history, the advantages, disadvantages and possibilities of change regarding the urban problems that afflicted them. Likewise, through ephemeral urban interventions carried out by the students, make visible the most relevant points of the neighborhood, their potentials, threats and opportunities.

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