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Team : Juan Pablo Puigrredó n, Colectivo Añien.

Location: Itinerant.

Project Year: 2015

Program: Scenery.

Materiality:   Poplar slats, OSB, furniture plywood panel, metal wheels, paint (red and black enamel), various fixings.

Project Memory

Mobile Scenography for “Los Corderos Degollados”, adaptation "Spaghetti Western" of the book The Little Prince, winner of the Young Talents Award BALMACEDA-MUSTAKIS 2015.

Itinerant play, seen in 360º, as the public and the preferred setting: the street. Objects capable of having more than one use, more than one time, objects that catch the eye were thought, designed and manufactured:

A gallows that looks like a horse, an airplane fuselage and a bar at the same time.

A wheel, which dresses as a rotating stage, when it is not a propeller for a mill.

A cross in the desert, which are also wings and complete a small plane.

All the elements are folding and detachable, paying tribute to the caravan.

Co-Principal: Añien Collective

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