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Architecture Team: Constanza Quioza, Juan Pablo Puigrredón.

Location: Lo Barnechea, Stgo. Chile.

Project Year: 2014.

Project surface: 90 m2

Program:   Trade, manicure, pedicure, massage spa.

Materiality: Plaster-cardboard, porcelain, advertising vinyls.

Project Memory

The commission consisted of fitting out a 90 m2 commercial space for Delicatta Hands, a spa dedicated to manicures, pedicures and relaxation body massages.


The space delivered by the shopping center had irregular spatial conditions, made up of a rectangular body; On one side with a straight line, and on the other it had 4 pillars that made the distribution of workspaces complex, in relation to the number of pedicure and manicure stations requested to make the investment profitable.

For this, the personalized design of each of the workstations and the attached furniture was made.

As for the interior visual proposal, on the part of the client the first idea of ​​RADAR was rejected (which involved an experimental design, of canvases and mannequins that dressed the space). Likewise, responding to the need to set the interior space spacious and clean, it was decided to enhance the corporate colors and the central image of its logo (the lotus flower) on the walls and designed furniture, as elements that will accompany the events ( meticulous and intimate, such as the beauty treatment on hands and feet) inside the premises.

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