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Team: Constanza Quioza and Juan Pablo Puigrredón.

Location: Squares and parks of Santiago, Chile.

Project Year: 2014.

Program: Urban intervention.

Materiality: tree, disused painting and / or independent artistic pieces.

Project Memory

Urban-social experiment that seeks to generate barter between independent and / or disused artistic pieces (paintings), using public space as a support. The process consists of hanging on their streets, squares, or parks, the paintings that for any reason they no longer occupy and / or want to exchange.

Similarly, anyone who sees one of these paintings hanging on the street, and likes it, is invited to take it home. The requirement that RADAR asks for is to hang another painting to continue the cycle, and at the same time record the process photographically; You can send the photos to our email; or upload them to the following platforms:
twitter: @chile_RADAR / #artexarte
instagram: @arte_x_arte / #artexarte
facebook: / radarchileoficial

Objectives: The RADAR laboratory proposes:

1.- Redefine the value of art versus its monetary price.
2.- Evidence of the scarcity of artistic spaces accessible to citizens.
3.- To promote the independent artistic exchange and the recycling of artistic pieces (paintings, portraits, photography, etc.).
4.- Signify the city as an artistic-cultural support.

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