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"FRIENDZONE" national celu-nano / Nanometry award 2014


Team: Constanza Quioza and Juan Pablo Puigrredón.

Project Year: 2015.

Typology: Audiovisual.

Project Memory

The "nanometrix" format (30-second filmographic production) was supposed to be a good platform to explore the audiovisual genre within the RADAR laboratory, in a national contest format; and it was.

After participating in the 2014 edition of the National Nanometry Contest (organized by Plagiarism, TVN, Terra, Radio Rock & Pop and Publimetro), RADAR obtained 1st place in the celu-nano category (nanome Films filmed with a cell phone camera).


Friendzone tells the behind-the-scenes story of the filming of another nanometer film (also submitted to the contest), in which one of its protagonists confesses the secret love for his filming partner without her noticing.

It was presented for its spontaneity, the everyday, which encompasses the form of recording and the neighborhood in which it was signed (Villa Frei).

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