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Team: Constanza Quioza, Juan Pablo Puigrredón, Anastasia María Benavente (a different woman), Irina la Loca, Maraca Barata.

Location: Barrio Yungay

Project Year: 2015

Program: Performing urban intervention.

Materiality: Spray paint (stencil), wood, re-use items, black silk-cloth.

Project Memory

Anastasia Maria Benavente, within the framework of her UCH master's thesis, proposes protecting the identities of some queers, after the death of the performance artist "Hija de Perra".

Faced with the request to RADAR to generate the atmosphere of said act, we decided to accompany them on a pilgrimage in the face of a crucial fact within their years of performance: Register their names in the Intellectual Rights department (DIBAM).
Starting with everyday elements, little investment and highlighting moments-milestones, this path is framed.


Again they are listed:

Texts (quotes from Daughter of a Bitch), the understandable, the obvious.

A chair, the basics.

A screen, the fight.

A table, meeting.

Trash, everyday.

White, death, transcending.

(...) the term performance carries the possibility of a challenge, even of a self-challenge. By simultaneously connoting: a process, a practice, an episteme, a mode of transmission, an accomplishment, and a means of intervening in the world, it far exceeds the possibilities of those other words that are offered instead. (Taylor, 2016, p. 637)

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