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Stage direction : Constanza Quioza, Juan Pablo Puigrredón - RADAR.

Choreographic Direction : Matias Aravena - Inherent Dance Company.

Project Year: 2015

Program: Stage furniture for Contemporary Dance work.

Materiality:   Wood (15 mm furniture plywood space) and metal (40mm x 40mm x 2mm angle profile).  

Project Memory

The project considered a graphic consultancy, audiovisual development, spatial composition, and the design-manufacture of the scenographic furniture for the contemporary dance work “El aula Prohibida” (winning project of the Young Talents Award BALMACEDA-MUSTAKIS 2015).

The scenographic furniture was the abstraction of the school table, 7 identical units (one for each interpreter of the work), with the particularity of being attachable, uniteable elements, giving versatility to the choreographic director to use them in his composition.


"The noise of the tables in our schools when they crawled while someone shouted: Get up the table! Again, the dualities, the possibilities.

With the tables of classes they seal the school gates for the takings, or even they are planted as closing stakes in their walls. The tables are scaled for the game, they are thrown by anger, they are a hiding place and refuge for the Chilean earthquakes. The table to which the surface was released and the friend warns you to be careful, and the mocker does not warn you and laughs. It is a table for the game, the value, the weight, the stability.

A table that goes beyond the work. A scenographic and psycho-spatial tool. "

The module is made up of a metal frame, understood as a continuous element made up of a 40x40x2mm angle profile that is braced by a 15mm furniture plywood plate, interpreted as the table top.

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