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Team: Constanza Quioza, Juan Pablo Puigrredón, Francisca Santamaría, Francisca Silva, Alberto Peñaloza.

Location : Ñuñoa, Santiago de Chile.

Project Year: 2015

Program: Social movement, urban interventions, and programmatic proposal.

Project Memory

Before the imminent demolition of a house with clear patrimonial features of Ñuñoa (Casa Marrodan, by the architect -National Architecture Prize- Carlos Bresciani, located at Av. Brown Norte nº 382), the RADAR team together with residents of the neighborhood, led the social mobilizations, urban interventions, and restoration and preservation proposals that sought to stop this fact. The objective of the demolition would be the realization of parking lots by the owner of the property (Church of the Saints of the Last Days, Mormons).

A folder of proposals made by the community and architects (with the support of the municipality, councilors, universities, heritage conservation organizations (DOCOMOMO), among various other groups) was made, where alternatives to demolition options were proposed to the owners, and in this way preserve the home. Among these solutions was converting this space as a place for religious workshops and community outreach, reducing the payment of contributions by the municipality, restoration and conservation of housing free of charge by faculties of architecture and related organizations, and the granting of parking spaces for the exclusive use of the owner in the public space, among others.

The demolition of the house finally began on May 1, 2015, two days before the meeting scheduled by the owners themselves, in which they would supposedly receive the community's proposals and the documentation collected. This fact was documented by RADAR, and is exposed in the video below:

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