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Team: Constanza Quioza, Juan Pablo Puigrredón, Francisca Santamaría and Alberto Peñaloza (architecture) ; Francisca Silva (legal provisions)

Location:   Ñuñoa, Santiago de Chile

Project Year: 2015

Typology: Mobile application for cell phones ( app)

Project Memory

App (mobile application) for citizen heritage protection, which seeks to contact and give relevant information to citizens regarding the processes of protection and defense of architectural heritage in their urban environment.

This app was born in response to the destruction of the architectural heritage of the neighborhoods and their properties, taking the case of Ñuñoa as a reference. In this commune of the city of Stgo. neighboring communities have organized in defense of their heritage and local identity; but without the adequate communication, coordination and information tools to achieve this optimally and effectively. In this sense, "collective heritage" contributes with tools of:

- Collective mapping.

- Georeferencing of properties or neighborhoods in danger.

- Orientation (information on the procedure for patrimonial protection according to current regulations).

- Alerts to the community (alert states according to proximity to demolitions scheduled via newsletters).

- Link with municipalities, heritage protection and restoration organizations, universities, the Council of National Monuments (CMN), among others.

This idea is still in the development stage.


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