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Architecture Team: Constanza Quioza, Juan Pablo Puigrredón.

Location: San Miguel , Stgo., Chile.

Project Year: 2012.

Land Area: 300 m2

Project Area : 653 , 5 m2

Program : Offices, laboratories, warehouses, personnel services, parking lots, multipurpose room.

Materiality: Concrete in sight, metallic brisolei of bankruptcy.

Project Memory

The project included two stages of development:
1.- Advice for the purchase of an urban land, attending to the needs of the architectural commission that should be built on it.
2.- Pre-project design for a building that would provide a solution and accommodate the spatial needs of Schubert Pharmaceutical: commercial offices, drug warehouses, production laboratories, service and recreation spaces for staff, multipurpose rooms and parking lots. .

Both phases were fully implemented, managing to develop an architecture project that, through the interaction between different building and zoning strategies (burial, building at height, height gap between floors, double skin towards north and west facades, organization of accesses, internal flows, circulations and accesses), manages to give space and habitability to all the requested spaces, in a land just 35 meters away. of the current Pharmaceutical facilities.

Currently the project that is under construction does not belong to us.

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