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Design and manufacturing team : Juan Pablo Puigrredón.

Location : Itinerant.

Project Year: 2016

Program: Scenographic object for a play.

Materiality: Wood (pine slats, 15mm and 9.5mm plywood), steel metal profiles, autonomous led lighting.  

Project Memory

Design and manufacture of scenographic furniture for the theater play "Correo", a theatrical project by the Chilean director Paula Aros Gho.

The design of the scenography was raised from the letter: it must be a table that evokes the mail, the letters, the act and its concept. Its skin must be made of wood, its skeleton of steel, to withstand rotational forces suspended by metal cables. Also be removable for transfers and itineraries of the project, and with low cost materials and high accessibility.

Furniture design, cubing and manufacturing, 3 weeks.

Delivery point, central building of Correos de Chile, in Stgo., 1 night prior to the premiere of the work, to be held in the central hall of the building.


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