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Architecture Team :   Juan Pablo Puigrredón,   Constanza Quioza.

Location : Diego Portales Park, auction on Matucana Avenue, Stgo Centro, Chile.

Project Year: 2017

Built surface: 16 m2

Program: Contest, Urban Pavilion to honor Nelson Mandela.

Materiality:   Steel, acrylic, concrete.  

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Project Memory

International architecture and public art competition called by the municipality of Santiago, which sought to regenerate the auction of the Diego Portales park, by means of an object, sculpture, space and / or urban monument honoring Nelson Mandela.

The memorial proposed by RADAR proposes a multi-dimensional space (territorial and digital dimension), conditioning the environment to the wifi connectivity that the structure gives away.

In turn, incorporating QR technology, which allows users to be provided with information (life, famous phrases, historical milestones of Mandela, etc.), transforming this pavilion into a pedagogical module.

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