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Ficha Técnica 

Equipo Arquitectura: Constanza Quioza, Juan Pablo Puigrredón.

Ubicación: San Juan de Lurigancho , Lima, Perú.  

Año Concurso: 2019. 

Programa:  Sede social autosostenible.

Materialidad:  Pino impregnado, Malla Rachel al 35%, paneles de polipropileno.


This project is designed as a sum of functional objects united under a common idea.  Resulting in a modular space and body, effective and flexible in solving all the necessities.


Required, social, practical, and environmental :



The use of a small   variety of materials, and with simple assembly between them, gives the project the virtue of been easy to understand, to plan, and to build.  This practical-resolution provides the possibility of replicating the model in other contexts and communities if it’s necessary.


Spatial quality & confort:

The sun light it’s applied as a spatial surrounding (polypropylene roof and walls), controlled by the external net (fog-catcher) that provides shadow and solar protection.  These aspects dialogue with the natural ventilation that´s developed through strategic openings in high and low areas;  giving the inner space a unique quality and nature.  


Social sustainability:

Education and social organization are the keys to achieve the social sustainability on time;  so this space is designed as a flexible container, with various possibilities for ordering in the inner space the different types and amounts of people groups that will gather together in here:  learning from each other, reinforce their life in community and their social-cultural identity.


Environmental sustainability:

Natural ventilation and recyclable materials in the inner space, dialogue with an external -fog catcher- that surrounds and covers the building with a double environmental purpose: 

A.- Collecting water in the most efficient way; by a vertical, easy-shaped and big scale net (raschel mesh 35%).

B.- Solar protection, providing regular light and climate   control to the inner spaces.

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