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AUTHOR:                     Sada-C. Quioza

Date:                            March 2020, Stockholm

Materials:                    Oil, pencil POSCA.

Price:                           1700 sek

Swish:                       +46 7 3537 7956



SANTIAGO, Chile — In October, a rise in Santiago’s metro fares set off the biggest protests in Chile since the end of Augusto Pinochet’s dictatorship. Protesters were calling out elite corruption, inequality, high prices and low wages, and specifically the pain caused by a privatized retirement system, which left many old people in grinding poverty.

The essential question that confronts Chile is one that many other nations are grappling with today: Can the demands of a radicalized and disaffected movement of citizens, most of whom are young, impatient and social media-savvy, be channeled and resolved by a political elite that has shown itself, until now, blind to the needs of the great majority of its populace?" New york times jan 24,2020.

Author: In this kind of spectacle , in a world that the official religions seems don't be in our lives anymore. The faith in the next process in the force of the people. In this case the  justice the equality. The next and new Constitution in the case of Chile.


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