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Author: Sada-C. Quioza

Date: Nov 2020, Sweden

Materials: Oil,

Price: 2000 sek

Swish: +46 7 3537 7956

State: Available.

God is within.

This big de-scaled "you" is in a landscape of desert in pose of meditation is God.
Mixed with the color of sand, your body is beloved by the surrounding, yours hands only appears like human because all your energy remains in this place of postures.
In front of you there is an oasis.

Despite the beautiful  sunset landscape is necessary to drink.

To feel impregnated by the water that connect with your wildness, the unique state of the nature where you can deep in.
In the sky, so many pinky-sunset clouds surround you, like thoughts.


They are there, light or heavy. Frame them and let them go.


Contemplate, we are going to the no-thought state. 

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